TRAILER WARS: Bellingham's Weirdest Film Festival

Trailer Wars is a film event in Bellingham, WA. It occurs in a bi-monthly rotation, featuring fake movie trailers made by local filmmakers. Want to learn more? Read about our history and how to enter.

Tonight: Trailer aWARdS II

Tonight at the Pickford Film Center in the 2nd annual Trailer Awards show where we will be honoring the artistic achievements(!?) of our dedicated Trailer Warriors. Keep in mind this is NOT TW XXI: Ghosts. That is wednesday the 12th. Dont get confused! Tonight we are handing out statues and partying. All are welcome! $2, 9pm.

Need Reels for Trailer aWARds II

Any trailer warriors out there feel like pitching in to help make "The Nominees Are..." reels for the Trailer Awards? They will be divied up among interested groups. If so, hit us up!

Theme for TW XXI: “Ghosts”

Heads up! The theme for Trailer Wars XXI will be GHOSTS! Any style you choose, as long as there is at least one ghost or ghostly presence. We will let you know as soon as a date is locked down.