TRAILER WARS: Bellingham's Weirdest Film Festival

Trailer Wars is a film event in Bellingham, WA. It occurs in a bi-monthly rotation, featuring fake movie trailers made by local filmmakers. Want to learn more? Read about our history and how to enter.

Winner of Trailer Wars XLIV: Epics

Congratulations to G. R. Uji, who took the event with his silent epic "Battle Universe!" The next theme will be Silent Movies with Closed Captions: get crackin!

Winner of Trailer Wars XLIII: Based on a True Story

Congratulations to the Wet Boyz for their winning trailer, "Stay Wet," the true story of how they lost Trailer Wars XLII. Next up: "EPICS!"

Winner of Trailer Wars XLII: Revenge Movies

Congratulations to Gillian Myers for her winning submission, "I Know What You Did On The Internet!" Next up: Based on a True Story!

Winner of Trailer Wars XLI: Holiday Movies

This round, Bug and Stink took home the crown with their trailer Columbus Day. If you're one of the poor suckers who lost, don't get upset, get EVEN: the next theme is Revenge Movies! Also, we have announced that this will be the final cycle of Trailer Wars, which means there are only 9 left! We love you all and it has been a wild ride, and we have truly enjoyed all of the displays of talent and weirdness that have been submitted to the events. Here's to an even weirder finale!

Winner of Trailer Wars XL: Historical Dramas

Congrats to Gotzon Von $ for the winning submission, The Chophouse Letters. Next up is Holiday Movies, but first, the fourth iteration of the much-anticipated Trailer aWARds!