How to Enter

Calling all filmmakers, creative thinkers, and weirdos! Even YOU can be a Trailer Wars contender. Trailer Wars is intended to be as open and inclusive as it can be, but there a few guidelines for entering:
  • Entries must be relevant to the theme chosen by the last winner.
  • We ask that entries be 3 minutes or less. If you've attended, you'll know that some people choose to ignore this, but it's a courtesy to the audience and other filmmakers, so please play along.
  • RSVP to reserve your spot once it's finished (email or fill out the contact form). Please RSVP at least one day in advance to guarantee that your trailer will appear on the ballot.
  • Bring it to the event on a playable DVD disc (no flash drives/data discs/anything else). A simple DVD-player compatible disc is the only thing we can promise will function properly. Come about 20 minutes early and hand it over to one of the organizers.
  • ALWAYS be prepared to win! After all, the winner gets to choose the next theme. So please remember to review the list of prior themes and come prepared to name a new one. Don't be afraid to get creative.