Q: I have heard about this Trailer Wars thing. What’s the deal? A: Fair question. Visit our History page for a rambly rundown of how this got started. Q: I want to enter something. How do I do this? A: Consult the How to Enter page for a full list of requirements. Q: Are there any submission fees? A: No. Q: Is there a “selection” process? A: No. If you make something, follow the entry guidelines, and RSVP it, it will be shown. Q: Can I bring my kids? A: The open, uncensored nature of the event often breeds unpredictable results. That being said, Trailer Wars routinely contains the equivalent of R rated material. Q: What was that Bay Cove Terrace thing? I didn't get it. A: Bay Cove Terrace is soap opera that occurs as part of Trailer Wars with creative control rotating from episode to episode. Read more about how that works here. Q: I want to submit but I don't want to do Bay Cove Terrace if I win. Is that okay? A: Many have won TW and passed on Bay Cove Terrace, and yes that is okay. The key is being open and up front about your lack of desire so it can be quickly passed to someone else. Don't be shy! Q: Sounds fun, but I don’t have any experience and my friends are terrible actors. A: Firstly, that’s not a question. Secondly, Trailer Wars is designed for people like you! Get out and make something. The vast majority of the TW community is in the same boat. If you need help, troll the TW facebook page to build a crew! Q: I don’t have a camera. Any idea where I can get one? A: Trailer Wars has loaner cameras available. Drop us a line to reserve one. Don’t wait until the last week when everyone wants to shoot! They are standard definition/mini-dv format. Your iPhone may take better footage. Q: I like the idea, but most of the entries seem comedic. Are straight-faced/dramatic entries welcome? A: Of course! Many have quietly lamented a lack of serious entries. We encourage you to tackle whatever tone you choose. Q: Trailer Wars used to be free, now I have to pay $2 admission. What gives? You’re cutting into my beer fund. A: We used to run on donations only, but it became easier to cover rental overhead by giving $2 straight to the theater. No one is making money off of Trailer Wars - no one. Sorry about your beer fund. Q: Who is officially in charge of this thing? A: Probably a bunch of freaks. Q: Can my business sponsor an event? A: Trailer Wars appreciates your interest, but in the interest of keeping it as free-spirited and profitless as possible, we must decline all such offers. Q: I came to your Trailer Awards once. What the hell was that? A: After every ten editions of Trailer Wars, we hold an Oscars-style awards ceremony in which the “Academy” (of participating TW writers/directors) nominates and selects winners in a variety of weird categories. There is no audience vote, but we encourage you to come and laugh at our hubris and unfortunate looks. Q: Do you have any merchandise? A: There are t-shirts and (free) stickers available at most TW events. Check for the poor soul peddling them on the way out!