Bay Cove Terrace

BayCove-LogoBay Cove Terrace was the official Trailer Wars soap opera before Outlaws In Law. It was a creative experiment tied in with the Trailer Wars event, and creative control shifted from episode to episode with TW winners given the option to write/direct the next one. With zero rules and a set of stock characters who can be played by anyone, Bay Cove Terrace was noted for its bizarre, sometimes incomprehensible story arcs and sketchy continuity. A new episode aired at the end of every Trailer Wars event, while the votes for the best trailer were being counted. Premiering at the third Trailer Wars, the show chronicles the lives of citizens residing in the titular, fictional seaside community of Bay Cove Terrace. These include Trip and Serena of the wealthy Dannon family, their rich nemesis Clint Muldano, local musicians Elliot Costello and Nirvana Presley, the diabolical Malachi, and many more. Below is the entire Bay Cove series, for your viewing pleasure!

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baycove Episode 30: A New Mission In the aftermath of the watermelon bomb explosion at Woolley Manor, Trip balances his recovery with his business ventures, the latter of which get him into hot water when he's abducted by eco-terrorists.
Bay Cove Terrace Episode 29: We Love Malachi The gang is worried about Malachi's mental health. Can they get him to seek the help he needs with an intervention?
Bay Cove Terrace Episode 28: The Book of Malachi Malachi attempts to live a routine Christian lifestyle in order to woo Eliza Abbott, volunteer coordinator for a local church soup kitchen.
Bay Cove Terrace Episode 27: The Agent A Hollywood agent sees Elliott's 'Woolley Boyz' documentary and comes to Bay Cove Terrace to recruit the Wolleyz for a reality TV show. Is Elliot prepared to defend his intellectual property?
Bay Cove Terrace 26 Episode 26: The ABCs of Woolley In the 26th episode of Bay Cove Terrace, Elliot Costello submits a work-in-progress to esteemed director Werner Herzog.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 25 Episode 25: Rise Trip organizes a fundraiser for the rich and Malachi attempts to disrupt the event. Can Trip and Elliot stop him?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 24 Episode 24: Cousin Bearcat In the aftermath of the Woolley Boyz' arrival, Malachi's identity crisis worsens, causing chaos in the Woolley home.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 23 Episode 23: Enter the Woolley Boyz After receiving a large cash settlement from a gas leak accident, the Woolley Boyz move to Bay Cove Terrace and are greeted warmly by it's most infamous residents.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 22 The Real World: Bay Cove Terrace MTV heads to Bay Cove, as a few familiar faces are reunited a year after having last seen each other. What happens when they stop being polite and start getting real?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 21 Bay Cove Terrace 21 - Malachi's Job Hunt After being let go from the Dannon's toxic farm, Malachi tries out a series of new careers to avoid ending up on the street again.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 20 Bay Cove Terrace Episode 20 - Last Minute Episode Looks like Patton and Meyer are really up Shit's Creek this time! With a last minute plan cancelation the boys must act fast to put together an episode of Bay Cove Terrace for Trailer Wars XXII.
Bay Cove Terrace XX: Cursing Outtakes Outtakes from episode 20 of Bay Cove Terrace for Trailer Wars XXII. WARNING: Not suitable for anything!
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 19 Bay Cove Terrace Ep 19 - We Dannons After Clint poisons the recently booming Dannon Farm, he is kidnapped by an irate Trip, who has a plot of his own. With Jed Bailey as Trip Dannon and Ryan Covington as Clint Muldano.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 18 Bay Cove Terrace, Ep. 18: "Gone with the Tides" A broken-hearted Serena Dannon makes a new life for herself on the family farm. Things don't get any easier when she recruits a gaggle of city slickers to help her reclaim the land. Can a mysterious stranger help her set things right and protect the farm from falling into the hands of Clint Muldano?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 17 Bay Cove Terrace No. 17 - Michael Baycove Elliot travels far into the future to discover a terrifying reality ruled by a dark feline menace and Michael Bay. Will the future of Bay Cove be ruled by cats and the worst director of our time? The choice is yours!
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 16 Bay Cove Terrace Ep 16 - A Reckoning of Days Past After Elliot and the gang of Bay Cove Nights attempt to reset time and escape Serena, Elliot becomes trapped in a time convergence zone. Can he survive the multiplying treacheries?
Bay Cove 15 Bay Cove Terrace Ep 15 - Puppet Council In this, the 3rd installment of the "Bay Cove Nights" saga, the characters meet in a group therapy session and discuss how best to move forward to save Bay Cove Terrace.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 14 Bay Cove Terrace Episode 14: "Bay Cove Nights Part II" McGiggles alive!? More like undead. Follow the further nocturnal adventures of Elliot and Nirvana as they continue to poke the filthy underbelly of their township for answers to their parallel universe dilemmas.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 13 Bay Cove Terrace Episode 13: "Bay Cove Nights Part" After being struck by lightning, Elliot Costello awakes to find himself in an alternate reality of Bay Cove.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 12 Bay Cove Terrace Ep 12: Bury Me In Scotland Future Trip Dannon starts to crack as more about his situation is discovered. Starring Kenny Davis and Tyler Swank as the Trips. Directed by Gozton Von $. From Trailer Wars XIV: Heists.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 11 Bay Cove Terrace - Episode 11: The One With The Dumpster Drumsey gives Clint an important machine to help sort out the dual-Trips situation, Elliot & Nirvana attempt to save the Solar Plex, and Malachi meets Prof Vannegin with a diabolical proposition.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 10 Bay Cove Terrace- Episode 10: A Tale of Two Trips The gang finds out Bay Cove Terrace is a breeding ground for the unexplained, the dangerous and the super natural as S.H.I.T. Agents Black and White uncover some of Bay Cove's darkest secrets. Meanwhile Trip Dannon has an "out of body" experience.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 9 Bay Cove Terrace - Ep 9: Everything You Love Serena and Clint confront the renegade Professor Vannegan. Trip, shell shocked from Pat's death, clashes with a man on the street. Meanwhile, things turn ugly between Kim and Malachi as she continues her quest for the buried treasure.
Bay Cove Terrace 1-8 Recap Bay Cove Terrace Recap (Ep 1-8) This training course is designed to prepare for the dense mythological narrative that is Bay Cove Terrace. It introduces you to the principal cast of characters and updates you on their individual journeys thus far.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8 part3 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8? Part 3 "Carmella" The other side of what happened with BCT episode 8.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8 part2 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8? Part 2 Part 2 of the quickly deteriorating table read.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8 part1 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 8? Part 1 Trailer Wars IX winner, C.A. Bauman submits her BCT script. But can Mikiech and Joe set aside their differences to get through the table read? Will the gang finish the episode in time for Trailer Wars X?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 7 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 7 A Proud Father Mayor McGiggles attempts to catch up for lost time with Trip while Elliot & Nirvana hunt for the escaped convict Malachi. Drumsey teaches Clint about his strange new gifts and sets him on the road to true redemption. Meanwhile, local Mad Scientist Professor Vannigan hits the news when her lab explodes, releasing a deadly creature.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 6 part2 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 6 Clint's Second Chance Part 2 What kind of secret past do Serena and McGiggles have? And why are Nirvana and Elliot sporting mustaches?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 6 part1 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 6 Clint's Second Chance Part 1 When the newly elected Mayor McGiggles denies the Dannon's rebuild permits Trip decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, an incarcerated Malachi plots his revenge against the polar bear who killed his fiancee, Kimberly Dannon. Can Hobo Clint stop them in time?
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 5 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 5 The Election Trip finds out he's the mayor and runs for reelection against a pair of surprise candidiates. Meanwhile, Elliot & Clint lament the death of Drumsey.
BayCove Webisode Bay Cove Terrace Webisode: A Very Terrace Christmas This short, taking place on Christmas of 2004, depicts the festive holiday spirit of Bay Cove Terrace as it was 5 years before the events of the series. Clint and Malachi gather to share the warmth of the holiday when a surprise guest brings the party up a notch.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 4 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 4 Destroy The Arm Trip is visited by a mysterious man with information about Serena's dangerous alien past. Meanwhile, the "Death to the Dannon" club holds its first meeting and decides on a method of revenge against the Dannon household.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 3 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 3 Trip & The Yakuza Trip races the Japanese Mafia for his life, Serena covers the tracks of her abnormality, Elliot's world is shattered by betrayal, and Sheriff McGiggles deals with a harsh reality.
Bay Cove Terrace Webisode: Polly Wants a Cracker Bay Cove Terrace Webisode: Polly Wants a Cracker What provoked Nirvana to make that ominous phone call to Elliot in episode one?
baycovemalachipastiche Bay Cove Terrace Webisode: Malachi & Pastiche In this short by Gotzon Von $, we get a brief glimpse into Malachi's past. Set before the events of the Bay Cove Terrace series. Guest starring Nathan Clark as Pastiche.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 2 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 2 McGiggles Investigates The 2nd episode of the Trailer Wars soap opera.
Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 1 Bay Cove Terrace: Episode 1 Welcome Home Trip The pilot episode!