TRAILER WARS: Bellingham's Weirdest Film Festival

Trailer Wars is a film event in Bellingham, WA. It occurs in a bi-monthly rotation, featuring fake movie trailers made by local filmmakers. Want to learn more? Read about our history and how to enter.

Winner of Trailer Wars: Psychological Thrillers

Congratulations to Bleedingham Gang Productions, who took home the crown for their winning submission "Curse of the Crown." The next and final edition of Trailer Wars is open to all film genres! This time there is no excuse. Get off your ass and make a damn trailer (or 5).

Winner of Trailer Wars XLVIII: Golden Age of Cinema

Congratulations to the team behind Fred & Shirley's Dancing with Zombies, this event's winning submission! Next up: Psychological Thrillers!

Winner of TWXLVII: Animal Movies

Congratulations to Snaw Praw Productions on their winning Animals submission, Beyond Cats: Do My Cat Wanna Come in the Bathtub? The next theme is The Golden Era of Hollywood! And if you haven't been paying attention, there are only THREE more Trailer Wars left.

Winner of TWXLVI: Gross Out Comedies

The Wet Boyz stole the show with Telepooter. Next up: Animal Movies. If you truly love your pet, don't deny them this opportunity to appear on the silver screen!

Winner of Trailer Wars XLV: Silent Films

Congratulations to Gotzon Von $ who took home the crown for The Cutening! The theme for the next cycle is "Gross Out Comedies."