TRAILER WARS: Bellingham's Weirdest Film Festival

Trailer Wars is a film event in Bellingham, WA. It occurs in a bi-monthly rotation, featuring fake movie trailers made by local filmmakers. Want to learn more? Read about our history and how to enter.

Winner of Trailer Wars XL: Historical Dramas

Congrats to Gotzon Von $ for the winning submission, The Chophouse Letters. Next up is Holiday Movies, but first, the fourth iteration of the much-anticipated Trailer aWARds!

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXIX: WhoDunIts

Congratulations to YouAreWeAre for taking home the crown for “Who’s Doing It?” – the story of a troubled woman who goes in search of America, but amidst great natural beauty and stirring friendship, winds up only finding more trouble. Next up: Historical Dramas!

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXVIII: Antiheroes

Congratulations to Sean Meyer for his winning submission, “M.F.K!” The next theme is “Whodunnits,” so bust out your detective gear and start interviewing witnesses: TW XXXIX is coming up in July!

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXVII: Video Game Movies

Congratulations to ThuNico Productions, who took home the crown for their production “PONG 3D!” The next theme is “Anti-Heroes.”

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXVI: Courtroom Movies

Congratulations to Chroel, who took home the crown for their trailer “National Lampoon’s Judge Academy,” featuring stand-out performances from David Coslor and Paul Thelen! Next up: video game movies.

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