TRAILER WARS: Bellingham's Weirdest Film Festival

Trailer Wars is a film event in Bellingham, WA. It occurs in a bi-monthly rotation, featuring fake movie trailers made by local filmmakers. Want to learn more? Read about our history and how to enter.

Winner of Trailer Wars XXXVII: Video Game Movies

Congratulations to ThuNico Productions, who took home the crown for their production “PONG 3D!” The next theme is “Anti-Heroes.”

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXVI: Courtroom Movies

Congratulations to Chroel, who took home the crown for their trailer “National Lampoon’s Judge Academy,” featuring stand-out performances from David Coslor and Paul Thelen! Next up: video game movies.

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXV: Bollywood

Congratulations to Gotzon Von $ for the winning Bollywood submission “Naiita Rakta (Night Blood)” – next up, Courtroom Movies!

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Winner of Trailer Wars: Post Apocalypse

Congratulations to Sean Meyer for taking home the crown for his winning trailer: “May Day.” Next up: Bollywood! Make sure to do your research, trailer warriors (if you aren’t already a Bollywood aficionado, that is).

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Winner of Trailer Wars XXXIII: Martial Arts

Congratulations to Warwick Productions, who karate chopped their way to victory with their trailer “Project Ladyfist.” The next theme chosen is “Post Apocalypse” coming October 9. See you then!

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